20 Sep 2023

Malaysia | Sending Requirements

Due to recent changes in Malaysia, all sender IDs must be registered to send SMS messages containing links to recipients in that country. All registered sender IDs are then overwritten with local shared “short-codes.”

Any messages containing links will be blocked if your sender ID isn’t registered.

How to register your Sender IDs:

Luckily, the registration process is fairly simple. It takes about a week to register once the request has been submitted. 

If you wish to register your sender ID, you’ll need to complete the form attached at the bottom of this article and send it to us at sender@cakraflash.com .

The details required for registration are as follows:

1. Sender ID (local brands only)

2. Message Type (Transactional or Marketing)

3. Sample text

Important – your brand name must be included in each message. Binary content is not permitted.

4. Brand website

Important additional information:

  • Generic senders are not permitted (e.g. “Sales,” “Support,” “Shipping,” etc.)
  • All sender IDs will be overwritten with a local short-code before being received by destination number (i.e. your recipients will not see your sender ID).