11 Oct 2021

SME 100 Awards 2021

Currently, the development of digital communication is growing rapidly. One of the most popular digital communication media in the industry today is messaging services. As we know, many publishers, advertisers, media owners, and even brand owners find it difficult to deal directly with operators to use messaging services to communicate with the right target audience. With this dilemma, CakraFlash is present in the market to provide messaging solutions for the ecosystems that need the best services from one of the world’s messaging specialists.

Global reach, Local Present

PT Cakra Alpha Spektrum is an Indonesia-based company with the brand name of CakraFlash. CakraFlash was founded by Wahju Alianto Tedjo Sukmono and Muhamad Rifai in 2016. With the trust of its loyal customers, 90 percent of CakraFlash accounts are with global customers (e.g., Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, US, Croatia, Switzerland, etc).

Much leading e-commerce, fintech, SMEs, social media, banking, logistics, and other related industries are using messaging services from CakraFlash to communicate with their end customers. For example, for OTP (one-time password) or to blast promotions through SMS more securely, efficiently, and effectively. CakraFlash offers a 24/7 service with a heartfelt effort to meet customers’ satisfaction with international standards. The services provided are flexible, with dynamic collaboration and support in creating, planning, executing, delivering, measuring, and optimizing multichannel mass messaging campaigns. CakraFlash provides customers with transparency reports, with real-time access to web service tools and other related platforms.

CakraFlash Connect is a premier product and service designed to work with operators and customers to communicate in the same language. We build infrastructure that enables customers to monetize an operator’s commercial inventories, such as A2P messaging (Application to Person), LBA (location-based advertising), digital advertising, gift rewards, and other related operator inventories. In addition, CakraFlash also offers non-operator products and inventories such as WhatsApp for Business with API (Application Programming Interface), Cakra Messaging with SOIP (SMS Over Internet Protocol), email blast with API, SIP Trunk (Session Initiation Protocol), voice call OTP, etc.

CakraFlash is a company that is not only profit-oriented but tries to contribute to the social and humanitarian sectors. We have several corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities such as donations for orphans, mosque renovations, scholarships, and weekly Friday donations for the needy.

Here are some testimonials and greetings from customers who have worked with CakraFlash.

“Telin has been a business partner with CakraFlash for several years, and they have demonstrated professionalism excellently. As their team is friendly and humble, our relationship has evolved beyond that of a regular partner and has already become a family.” (M. Saefurahman, Voice Mobility Sales Region I, PT. TELIN).

“CakraFlash has been a reliable partner in providing our customers with SMS notifications. For a startup company like ours, it is important to work with a more affordable and reliable provider like them. Their quick customer service response has also helped us serve our customers better as we strive to provide the best customer service experience at Pasarnow.” (Cindy Ozzie, Chief Marketing Officer, PT Usaha Pintar Utama).

Global Reach, Local Present is CakraFlash’s tagline which represents the company’s commitment to providing its services worldwide with international standards but with a local Indonesian touch.