20 Sep 2023

Sri Lanka | Sending Requirements

Due to recent changes, several carriers in Sri Lanka only allow Alphanumeric preregistered sender IDs. All long codes or similar will be blocked.

Messages sent from unregistered sender IDs will still attempt to be sent but will likely get blocked.

How to register your Sender IDs

If you wish to register your sender ID, you’ll need to complete the form attached at the bottom of this article and send it to us at sender@cakraflash.com .

The details required for registration are as follows:

1. Sender ID (within 3 to 11 Characters)

2. Content sample (list all templates if your messaging includes marketing)

Important – Generic content is not allowed. The content must have your brand name included.

Eg: if your company name is “ACME Ltd.” then your content must contain the brand name “ACME.”

It’s, therefore, a good idea to use a default message template that includes your brand name for all your messages.

3. Company Name

4. Company Type (Local or International)

[“Local” means brands from Sri Lanka. “International” means international/global brands (eg: Alipay, Apple, etc.]

5. Service Type (OTP/Notification/Marketing)

6. Company Website

Important additional information:

  • Only Alphanumeric Senders are allowed (i.e. Alpha Tags).
  • Numeric Sender IDs (e.e. phone numbers) are not allowed.
  • Sender IDs are case-sensitive.
  • Special characters are allowed but subject to approval.
  • Generic Senders are not allowed (i.e. your Alpha Tag must be reflective of your company name. Sender IDs like “Billing,” “Shipping,” “Support,” “Sales,” etc. are classed as generic and therefore not allowed.)
  • Sender ID registration process is approximately 4 working days.
  • There is no associated fee to register your sender ID.

If you’d like more information, just start to chat on this web, and we’ll make sure it gets routed to the appropriate team.