PT Cakra Alpha Spektrum is an Indonesia based company with the brand name of CakraFlash. CakraFlash was founded by Wahju Alianto Tedjo Sukmono and Muhamad Rifai in 2016. With the trust from its loyal customers, 90 percent of CakraFlash accounts are with global customers (e.g., Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, US, Croatia, Switzerland, etc), our vision is to make CakraFlash a leader in product and technology advancements to meet the expectations and needs of the community, and our mission is to make CakraFlash a company that upholds spiritual and social aspects so that it has a real and positive impact on people’s lives. Our company provides communication technology that can save money and time, attract new customers and improve customer accessibility every day for millions of people around the world.



Our customers are served with international standard platforms and servers with good performances


Our Customer Support are ready to serve the customer with 24/7 service and quick responses


We handled more than 50 customer and 90% coming from International company.


We already connected with all operators in Indonesia international operators outside Indonesia



Here are some testimonials and greetings from customers who have worked with CakraFlash.

“CakraFlash has been a reliable partner in providing our customers with SMS notifications. For a startup company like ours, it is important to work with a more affordable and reliable provider like them. Their quick customer service response has also helped us serve our customers better as we strive to provide the best customer service experience at Pasarnow.”

“Telin has been a business partner with CakraFlash for several years, and they have demonstrated professionalism excellently. As their team is friendly and humble, our relationship has evolved beyond that of a regular partner and has already become a family.”


Making CakraFlash! a part of the forefront of product and technology updates.


Making CakraFlash! A Spiritual and Social Corporate Company that has a real impact on people’s life.

CakraFlash was founded

The idea of ​​​​building the Chakra had appeared before November 2016 but the name of the Alpha Spectrum chakra itself was only coined on November 18, 2016.

Officially Legal

Officially on January 10, 2017 the name Cakra Alpha Spektrum was registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Law.

CakraFlash enters the international market and becomes Indosat’s official partner

At that time, CakraFlash focused on handling messaging needs abroad and almost all countries could be connected via CakraFlash.

Connect with local and International operators

We are directly connected to local operators such as Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Smartfren and Hutchison. In addition, we are also connected directly with international operators.

Become one of the international messaging brands

Become the winner of the SME 100 Awards 2021

Become the winner of the SME 100 Awards 2021 as “Fast Moving Companies in Asia”